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Graveyard of Alderaan

Bill Slavicsek
Jun 30, 1991
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Graveyard of Alderaan is an adventure supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game from West End Games, written by Bill Slavicsek. It was reprinted in Classic Adventures: Volume Two. OPENING CRAWL: GRAVEYARD OF ALDERAAN Spacers call it the Graveyard. It is an asteroid field, the shattered remains of the once-great planet called Alderaan. It had been a paradise, a planet where peace was the rule and violence was unheard of. Then the EVIL GALACTIC EMPIRE came, with its terrible Death Star battlestation. Alderaan became an example for the rest of the galaxy. It was obliterated as a warning to the growing Rebellion and all who would support it. But that was not the last the galaxy heard of Alderaan. Rumors fill the idle gossip of spacers and free-traders in ports and cantinas from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds, tales of strange happenings in the Graveyard. The wildest tale yet has just surfaced, a story claiming that the Royal Palace itself has been found mostly intact among the shattered ruins of the planet. It is a story that has attracted much attention, including the Rebel Alliance; the Galactic Empire, and the galactic underworld. But the truth that haunts the Graveyard could turn the tide of battle in the Galactic Civil War...

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