Adult Novel


Kevin J. Anderson
Oct 1, 1995
Artwork by
Narrated by
Anthony Heald
Takes place in
12 ABY
In the
New Republic
When a powerful and deadly weapon known as the Darksaber resurfaces, it poses a grave threat to the New Republic and its fragile peace with the remnants of the Galactic Empire. With the potential to annihilate entire planets, the Darksaber becomes a sought-after prize for various factions vying for control, including Imperial warlords, ambitious politicians, and other dark forces. As tensions mount and the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, familiar heroes such as Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo, along with a new generation of Jedi apprentices, must come together to confront this looming menace. Along the way, they encounter formidable enemies, including the ruthless Moff Kentor Sarne and the cunning Durga the Hutt, who will stop at nothing to obtain the Darksaber and use it for their own nefarious purposes. Amidst epic battles, daring escapes, and heart-pounding confrontations, the stakes rise higher than ever as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. With the fate of countless lives at stake, the heroes of the New Republic must summon all their courage, skills, and resourcefulness to defeat the looming threat of the Darksaber and restore peace to the galaxy.

Publisher's Summary

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, cloaked by the Force and riding with the hostile Sand People, have returned to the dunes of the desert planet Tatooine in hopes of finding what Luke so desperately seeks: contact with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke is hoping the old Jedi Knight's spirit will tell him how to help his love, Callista, regain her lost ability to use the Force. Tormented and haunted, Luke cannot rest until Callista is a Jedi in the fullest sense, for only then will the link between their minds and souls be restored. Yet brewing on Tatooine is news that will shake Luke and Han and threaten everything they value.

The disturbing piece of information is that the evil Hutts, criminal warlords of the galaxy, are building a secret superweapon: a reconstruction of the original Death Star, to be named Darksaber. This planet-crushing power will be in the ruthless hands of Durga the Hutt -- a creature without conscience or mercy.

But there is worse news yet: the Empire lives. The beautiful Admiral Daala, still very much alive and more driven than ever to destroy the Jedi, has joined forces with the defeated Pellaeon, former second in command to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Together they are marshaling Imperial forces to wipe out the New Republic.

Now, as Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Artoo and Threepio regroup to face these threats, they are joined by new Jedi Knights and Callista. Together they must fight on two fronts, outshooting and outsmarting the most formidable enemies in the galaxy. In Darksaber the Jedi are heading for the ultimate test of their power--a test in which all the temptations of the dark side beckon. And Luke Skywalker must draw upon his innermost resources to fight for a world in which he can not only live, but dare to love.

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