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Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire

William C. Dietz
Feb 1, 1997
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After graduating the Imperial Military Academy, Stormtrooper Cadet Kyle Katarn is singled out as Force-sensitive by Inquisitor Jerec, who suggests the young leader pursue more powerful career paths. However, Kyle soon discovers the Empire is concealing the true nature of a Rebel attack that destroyed his home village and killed his father. Eyes open to the Empire’s vile tactics, Kyle swears vengeance on the regime he once served. When the Rebel Alliance offers him a dangerous mission to steal the plans to the Empire’s superweapon, the Death Star, Kyle finds his opportunity for retribution.

Publisher's Summary

Kyle Katarn is a decorated graduate from the Imperial Military Academy who would forfeit his very life for the Empire. But he wouldn't forfeit his father's life, and that's what the Empire has taken. Kyle is willing to do anything to avenge his father's death which is what the Rebel Alliance is counting on. Join Kyle Katarn in this brand-new, fast-paced tale of adventure and suspense.

Based on the popular Star Wars: DARK FORCES and Star Wars: JEDI KNIGHT interactive games, this novella-length prose-story is written by acclaimed author William C. Dietz and illustrated by award-winning artist Dean Williams.

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