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Crisis on Cloud City

Christopher Kubasik, Michael Stern and Bill Slavicsek
Jul 1, 1989
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Crisis on Cloud City is a Star Wars Legends adventure book for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The adventure scenario tasks Rebel Alliance agents with solving a murder mystery on Bespin's Cloud City. The plot is connected with the story involving Walex Blissex, which began in the previous adventure, Starfall. The Crisis on Cloud City set includes a fully playable sabacc game, complete with eighty-four cards and a rules sheet. Crisis on Cloud City was written by Christopher Kubasik, while the sabacc game was designed by Michael Stern, Douglas Kaufman, and Greg Gorden. It was published by West End Games in 1989. Chilling murder and intrigue abound as Rebel agents become detectives to solve a deadly mystery on the floating metropolis of Cloud City. It started as a routine escort mission. Famed Alliance engineer Walex Blissex was contacted by an old friend who had made a startling scientific breakthrough. But when the Rebel escort team arrives on Cloud City to meet this mysterious scientist, things begin to go wrong. Dead Wrong. Mystery leads to murder. Murder leads to deadly confrontations with killer droids and Imperial agents. And the Rebels wind up entangled in webs of deception, deceit—and death! The fate of the city in the cloud and everyone aboard depends on the Rebels and their ability to unravel the mystery before the knots pull tight! ContentsEdit

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