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Black Ice

Paul Murphy, Bill Slavicsek
Jul 1, 1990
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Black Ice is a Star Wars Legends adventure book for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The adventure scenario sends Rebel Alliance agents on a mission to capture the massive Imperial cargo ship Black Ice before the Empire can use the resources it carries to devastate the Mortex sector. The Black Ice set includes maps and detailed deck plans of the Black Ice, as well as a Star Warriors mini-campaign with full-color counters. Black Ice was written by Paul Murphy and Bill Slavicsek, and published by West End Games in 1990. Front Rebel heroes lead the attack against an Imperial Fleet! The price: The Empire's biggest cargo vessel - the Black Ice! Back Black Ice. 7,800 meters long - five times the length of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The pride of the Imperial Replenishment Fleet. Black Ice. It carries nearly one billion tons of starship-grade fuel cells - more than a year's worth for an entire Imperial Main Battle Fleet. Black Ice. If she remains in the Empire's hands, the Imperial Navy will cut a swath of destruction across the sector - and beyond. Black Ice. The Empire will do everything in its power to protect her. Black Ice. The Rebels must take her - or die in the attempt.

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