Junior Reader

Jedi Apprentice 11: The Deadly Hunter

Jude Watson
Dec 1, 2000
Artwork by
Narrated by
Takes place in
42 BBY
In the
Rise of the Sith
The Dangerous Hunter functions as a murder mystery in many ways. As Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan investigate a mysterious death, they only get closer and closer to danger. This begins a multi-book story arc of Jinn and Kenobi tracking a bounty hunter and a mad scientist.

Publisher's Summary

Nobody knows her name. Nobody knows when she will strike. All they know is that she is a deadly bounty hunter—and her latest mission has taken her to Coruscant, home of the Jedi. Her target: an old friend of Qui-Gon Jinn's. Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, make an attempt to catch her...and fail. Now they are her targets, too.

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