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Trivia From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Star Wars: Original Trilogy Edition

Chris Hothiceplanet
Aug 22, 2012
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Based on the original movie trilogy, Trivia From a Galaxy Far, Far Away contains 1,138 trivia questions and is designed for fans of all ages. This book was created to help the first and second generations of Star Wars fans to pass along the love of the movies to the third generation and beyond--the younglings who have only known the Clone Wars animated TV series. Other trivia books contain tough, expanded-universe questions, which are suitable for long-term fans, but not for the newer generation. "Those trivia books are great for a geek like me but not for my sister or nephew," author Chris Smith says. "Anytime we played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit or another trivia book, I would always dominate. Why? Because I knew all the obscure, behind-the-scenes answers, and they didn't. This book levels the playing field. When you sit down and play with friends and family, everyone has an equal chance of winning." Because, let's face it. You don't just read Star Wars trivia books--you play them like a game.

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