The High Republic Phase I: Light of the Jedi (Hardcover Omnibus)

Oct 17, 2023
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Takes place in
230 BBY
In the
High Republic

Publisher's Summary

Star Wars: The High Republic Phase I Omnibus

This is a hardcover Omnibus compilation of all Marvel Comics in the The High Republic Phase 1 Series

The start of a bold new era in Star Wars , collected in an omnibus for the first time! The High Republic begins here!

A new era of Star Wars storytelling! Centuries before the Empire and the Skywalker Saga, the Jedi of Starlight Beacon — including Masters Avar Kriss and Sskeer, and young Padawan Keeve Trennis — protect the galaxy as republic pioneers push out into new territories. But soon they must join forces with their deadliest enemy to face the onslaught of the unstoppable Drengir horde! But who—or what—is the Great Progenitor? And what nameless terror will be unleashed by the dreaded Nihil?

Plus: Marchion Ro — the Eye of the Nihil — reveals the source of the Jedi's greatest fear! And Jedi Investigator Emerick Caphtor uncovers a mystery that will change the golden era of the High Republic forever!


  • The High Republic (2021) #1-15
  • Eye of the Storm (2022) #1-2
  • Trail of Shadows (2021) #1-5

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