Junior Reader

The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi?

Adam Gidwitz
Sep 22, 2015
Artwork by
Narrated by
Marc Thompson
Takes place in
In the
Age of Rebellion
Adam Gidwitz went for the wacky in his YA retelling of The Empire Strikes Back. While many adult fans consider Episode V to be sacred, Gidwitz isn’t afraid to have a little fun with it. Sometimes the narration uses the second person “you” to place the reader into the story, Yoda tells goofy parables, and makes many out-of-universe references. While technically a follow-up to The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy by Alexandra Bracken, it stands on its own as well.

Publisher's Summary

Acclaimed, New York Times best-selling author Adam Gidwitz delivers a captivating retelling of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back like you've never experienced before, infusing the iconic, classic tale of good versus evil with a unique perspective and narrative style that will speak directly to today's young readers while enhancing the Star Wars experience for core fans of the saga.

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