Legends Epic Collection: The Menace Revealed Vol. 2

Various Authors
Nov 19, 2019
Artwork by
Narrated by
Takes place in
30 - 31 BBY
In the
Rise of the Sith
Part of the
Epic Collection
*see book profile for details

Publisher's Summary

Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos has lost his memory! Now he must rediscover his past while searching for his Padawan, Aayla Secura! But deadly gamblers, false Jedi, corrupt officials and the pull of the dark side all stand in his way! Then, lightsabers clash as the bounty hunter Aurra Sing arrives on Coruscant, slaying Jedi in the very shadow of the Temple! A number of Jedi Knights volunteer to take action - but do they seek justice, or vengeance? And when a prison planet watched over by the Guardians comes under attack from a deadly enemy, the still-troubled Quinlan Vos investigates - but his newest assignment may be a suicide mission! Plus more tales from the Republic era of Star Wars! COLLECTING: STAR WARS (1998) 19-35; MATERIAL FROM DARK HORSE EXTRA 35-37, STAR WARS TALES 13, DARK HORSE PRESENTS ANNUAL 2000

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