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Star Wars 100 Objects: Illuminating finds from a galaxy far, far away....

Apr 4, 2023
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Star Wars in 100 Objects

100 objects that capture the real-life technical achievements and creative excitement of the Star Wars franchise.

From Darth Vader's mask, the Skywalker lightsaber, and Padmé's magnificent robes, to a Tusken gaffi stick and a clone trooper's helmet, each artifact is a key, unlocking troves of insight into the making of Star Wars. Go behind the scenes of the epic movie franchise and discover the real-life objects that inspired modelers to devise these – and many more – wonderful prop artefacts, and also how they impacted key characters and events.

Full-color images illustrate each entry, while the accompanying essay by Star Wars authority Kristin Baver explores the creation and resonance of each piece. With exclusive access to Lucasfilm's archives, Star Wars in 100 Objects is a unique way to experience the richness of the timeless Star Wars saga.

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