Graphic Novel

Empire Volume 2: Darklighter

Paul Chadwick
May 6, 2004
Artwork by
Doug Wheatley, Tomás Giorello
Narrated by
Takes place in
1 year before Episode IV
In the
Star Wars: Empire: #8-12, #15

Publisher's Summary

in: Real-world articles, Star Wars: Empire TPBs Star Wars: Empire: Volume Two: Darklighter Edit Share Star Wars: Empire: Volume Two: Darklighter Attribution information Writer(s) Paul Chadwick Penciller(s) Doug Wheatley, Tomás Giorello Letterer(s) Sno Cone Studios Colorist(s) Chris Chuckry, Brad Anderson Cover artist(s) Kilian Plunkett Publication information Publisher Dark Horse Comics Publication date May 26, 2004 Pages 144 General information Timeline 0 BBY Series Star Wars: Empire Collected issues 2 [Source] Star Wars: Empire: Volume Two: Darklighter is the second volume in a series of trade paperbacks collecting issues from the Star Wars: Empire series of comics. Darklighter collects Star Wars: Empire issues 8-12, and 15. Publisher's summaryEdit Before Luke Skywalker, the Rebel Alliance had another hero: Biggs Darklighter. For the first time, the full story of Luke's boyhood friend is revealed; from his departure from Tatooine to attend the Imperial Academy, to his decision to lead a mutiny against the Empire and join the Rebellion, to the fateful attack on the Death Star.

Writer Paul Chadwick has resurrected scenes that were shot for Star Wars: A New Hope, but which ended up on the cutting room floor, and extrapolated from them the life and times of Luke Skywalker's best friend; and artist Doug Wheatley has produced stunning artwork for one of the most acclaimed Star Wars comics stories ever. An essential companion to A New Hope, and an exciting addition to any Star Wars library!

Also included: "Star Wars: Empire: The Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell," by Chadwick and artist Tomás Giorello. A revealing look at one of the early leaders of the Rebel Alliance; a man haunted by a dark past and driven to a heroic, but self-destructive fate.

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