We All Love Star Wars

By: Eric Eilersen


First Love

One of the best pieces of relationship advice that I’ve ever come across came from a YouTube video quite a few years ago. Within the piece, the vlogger described his relationship with his partner as an ever evolving, polygamous relationship.

This confused me. I knew the two were only dating each other, but then he said something that blew my mind and has stuck with me ever since.

“I am not only dating the person that I love today. I’m dating who she is now and every single person that she will become along the way. Every day, I get to fall in love all over again, and as I change throughout my life, she gets to do the same.”

Because that’s when you get to do when you’re in love - you get to meet all of these new people that inhabit the soul of your partner, and they each get to bring something new to the table within the frame of the person that grabbed your heart in the first place.

All this to say… I love Star Wars.

And I assume we all do. That’s why we at Youtini chose to create this community and this site, and that’s why you decided to visit us. In a world that is perpetually charged with intensity and outrage, we have all been lucky enough to find a series of films, television shows, novels, and comics that make us excited and heartbroken and energized and emotionally exhausted, and that is an indescribably special thing.

Star Wars has become our partner to varying extents. Maybe some of us were comforted by the stories when we were going through a hard time. Maybe some of us were introduced to the magic of movies through the climactic space battles. Maybe some of us never felt heard until a character spoke our exact thoughts on a giant screen in front of millions of people.

All of our journeys are different, but they have all brought us to the same conclusion: we love this property.

And the best part about it? It’s going to keep going! How amazing is that?!

For most of its existence, Star Wars had a relatively finite lifespan in the heads of its fans, and now, we’re looking toward the future, and the universe that we adore is going to keep growing while giving us new stories and characters and moments to cherish.

And with that growth comes change. As with any relationship, longevity undoubtedly brings occasional conflict and bumps along the road, because we all adapt and adjust to life as we experience it. Some changes in this relationship will bring us unbridled joy, and some changes will make us remember how wonderful earlier moments were, but in the end, we’re still on this ride, because we’ve found a partner that we love.

Now don’t get me wrong… I know Star Wars is not a physical person. On this point, I am under no illusions.

But there is also an acknowledgment that Star Wars is created by physical people. Every still of every movie and every page of every novel has been painstakingly created by a living, breathing person that wants to see the relationship between Star Wars and its fans blossom anew every single day. For over forty years, thousands of people have played their parts in creating these marvelous stories that have touched the hearts of millions, and for that, they should, all of them, have our respect and gratitude for doing so.

That being said, we here at Youtini in no way discourage discussion or debate. That’s another awesome part about being a Star Wars fan! This community is full of imagination and wonder, and it’s those traits that bring us back every time, because we yearn for that new discovery that will be unveiled. However, that discussion and debate must never ignore the humanity that is present in every artist, creator, and fan alike.

Nowadays, so many communities have burned themselves out due to their disregard for others within their ranks, and it will be a cold day on Tatooine when that happens to Star Wars, let me assure you.

We love Star Wars. It binds us together within the Living Force, and it’s up to us to keep that flame alive. So welcome to our community if this is your first time joining us, and to those of you that have been on this journey a bit longer, thank you for staying from the bottom of our hearts.

May the Force be with us. Always.

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