Unboxing Video Guidelines and Tips

We love unboxing videos and we love that you love Youtini enough to do an unboxing video. We don't love unboxing videos that suck or are inaccurate. To help you, we have collected some guidelines and tips below to make sure that your unboxing video is accurate, professional, and awesome!


Offer feedback and criticism.

We love and need your feedback and want an honest review. If you hate you hate it and we welcome constructive criticism.


Be a jerk for no reason.

Constructive comments are welcome. "This is stupid" isn't helpful to anyone. Be respectful while being critical. People will thank you for it.


Comment on every individual item

Youtini Bags come with a lot of stuff! Take some time to comment on each individual item.


Quickly sort through the items without thinking of what to say.

It's ok to look through items while talking - but make sure you examine the items you're commenting on a little before you make your critical opinion. Youtini Magazine for example has lots of text content. If you have never opened a copy before, it might be a good idea to skim it before telling your viewers all about it.


Your research

Make sure the details you share are accurate. If you comment on price, specifically named bags, and the contents of the bags, double check that your information is accurate so you don't tell people the wrong info.


Entirely shoot from the hip

Before you rip open your new package it’s a good idea to know a bit about its quirks and features, so you don’t “hum” and “ahh” your way through the video. Make a list of the things you want to show so you can glance at it if you forget what you were supposed to do


Show off each item

Viewers want to see what's in the bag so show them! Feel free to take images off of our website or take your own photos or videos to add back in during editing.


Hold everything up to the camera

Cameras do weird things like autofocus and the quality is generally bad when you hold things up to the camera. If you want to show off the products, take that footage separately and edit it in later.


Reveal that you were given a box for free

Say it in the description if you if you received a box for free or were paid for a review. Some states have legal implications regarding this topic, so it's good practice to do so.


Lie to people about why you like or dislike the product

People respect honesty and so do we. So give us a fair review and tell people if we paid you for it. That's fair and we trust you will do a great job.

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