Twin Suns: An Introduction

By: Eric Eilersen

When I was a kid, I liked Star Wars.

I really, really liked Star Wars, but even though it may seem heretical to say this now…I didn’t really love it.

Did I watch all of the movies? You better believe it. Did I spend hours creating my own stories with my Hoth and Jabba’s Palace play sets? Absolutely. Did I enrich my annual family vacations by lounging on the sandy beach atop my Jar Jar towel? Unfortunately so.

But despite all this, my Star Wars fanaticism hadn’t really been ignited during those formative years. My adolescence took me to a galaxy far, far away, but it also took me to the bench of the Detroit Pistons, the land of Narnia, Redwall Abbey, and countless other lands both fantastical and literal. I played sports, watched tv, joined band, acted in plays, and my world was expanded even further when I received my first video game console when I was in sixth grade. My attention was split in countless directions, because I wanted to experience everything that was available to me, and even though Star Wars fit quite nicely into that mix, I didn’t really discover my true ability to obsess until years later.

However, in the midst of the whirlwind of various activities that surrounded my childhood, I somehow found the time to read my first Star Wars books. My elementary school required us to read a certain number of books in order to maintain our reading level, but within that curriculum, we were allowed to choose any books that we liked. One day in fourth grade, I was combing through the library in search of my next world, and I saw the classic font peeking out at me from the middle of a surprisingly dusty shelf.

But Star Wars was a movie! I’ve already seen the movies, so why would I want to read the same story that I’ve already—Wait. There’s more to the title: Young Jedi Knights

I immediately took the book off the shelf, directed my eyes to the wonderfully illustrated cover, and saw something that I had never expected.


“There are Star Wars books about kids? Like me?!” That thought, alone, was enough to make me rush to the librarian, so I could begin delving into this new realm of possibility as quickly as possible.

Over the following weeks, I read the first four books of Kevin J. Anderson’s series about Jacen and Jaina Solo’s adventures, and I felt like I had been gifted new stories that were especially made for me. The main characters were students that had trouble in school and with their parents, but despite all of that…they were Jedi. AND THEY BUILT LIGHTSABERS! (In Book 4. It was incredible). I was on a roll. There were ten more books to get through, and I couldn’t imagine stopping.

But I did.

To this day, I’m not sure why I stopped reading the series that I loved so much, and yet it happened nonetheless. I more than likely spotted another flashy cover that demanded my attention, or maybe I discovered a new sports icon whose biography I desperately needed to devour. Who knows? All I know is that my Star Wars literary journey ended as quickly as it started, and once Revenge of the Sith seemingly closed the book on the Skywalker saga, my time in that galaxy was over.

And then…there was an awakening.

In the year preceding The Force Awakens, I discovered a brand new part of my personality that I had never known before. The true Star Wars fan. I was reading every article I could find that had new pictures or content, I was buying POP Funkos every time that I went to any store, I was watching and rewatching every trailer and clip, and my entire life began to revolve around December 18th.

Then it came. And I saw it eight times in theaters. Each weekend, I got to go to the movies and hang out with my new friends: Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8. Suddenly, I had returned home to a place I never knew I had left, and with each new property that Disney released, my home got a bit bigger - as did my collection of Funkos.

Since then, I have tried to compress over twenty years of fandom into roughly three years. I’ve rewatched the original trilogy and the prequels numerous times. I’ve watched the Clone Wars in its entirety and gone on to love Rebels just as much. And with every different story that I discover in the Star Wars mythos, my love and appreciation for the galaxy is enhanced tenfold.

And that brings me to this site. And these books. And this blog.

This past year reintroduced me to my brief adolescent fling with Star Wars books, and I couldn’t be happier. As of writing this post, I’ve read about seven novels within the new canon in addition to a plethora of comics, and I can’t wait to multiply that number by at least 3,720. Each article that follows this introduction will be another part of my journey deeper into the past, present, and future of Star Wars novels, because I’ve realized just how much these stories have enhanced my love of the original material.

Now, I know the people that died on Alderaan. I know the people that died on the Death Star. And most importantly…now I know how much I don’t know.

This blog is going to chronicle my journey as I dive headfirst into the depths of the Force. The morsels of content that I’ve consumed thus far have whetted my appetite beyond my wildest imagination, and I can’t wait to share each step of this path with you. Each book that I read will undoubtedly fill me with questions as the Star Wars universe continues to expand within my mind, and each article that I write will explore these questions in ways that I hope are interesting, insightful, and maybe even exciting from time to time.

I know that I have a long way to go, but hey -- the Death Star was 120 kilometers from pole to pole (see: Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel), and Luke figured that out just fine, didn’t he? Star Wars has always been about tackling challenges bigger than yourself, and the name of this blog comes from the most iconic visualization of that concept.

I’m a simple farm boy looking out at twin suns in search of adventure…here we go.

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