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By: Charles Hanckel


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Whether you’re an avid comic reader, an Expanded Universe veteran, or just a fan of the films, there are moments in every form of media that make you stop and say, “This is why I love Star Wars.

Comics undeniably fly under the radar when compared to the media hype that usually surrounds films, television series, and even novels, but I’m here to tell you that they shouldn’t!

I’ll admit, I had my own misgivings about the comics until I recently decided to pick one up. I realized, to my absolute pleasure, that the stories were just as gripping, just as engaging, and just as Star Wars as anything else.

Not only was I getting new stories with all of my favorite heroes, but I got to see their adventures on the page in the form of beautiful, engaging panels. In a matter of months, I found myself entirely up-to-date on several of Marvel’s major series because, well, they were just downright fun to read. Isn’t there just something special about getting to see lightsabers clash?

Not sold yet? Let’s see if I can show you what you’re missing! These are the Top 10 Best Moments in the Star Wars comics so far!


I don’t think this really needs to be said, but…SPOILERS AHEAD.

10. Chewie's Crawl

Chewbacca #1
Writer: Gerry Duggan, Artist: Phil Noto

Not all Star Wars moments have to be cool. In fact, humor is one of the most important ingredients in the smorgasbord that is Star Wars. For that reason, I had to include the opening crawl to Chewie’s stand-alone mini-series.

Rather than relegate him as a second-class supporting cast member, the crawl highlights him as the actual hero who destroyed the Death Star (along with his trusty sidekick, Han Solo)! While it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, it also manages to give our favorite hairy hero the recognition he deserves.

9. Poe's Eulogy for L'ulo

Poe Dameron #14
Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Angel Unzueta

The Poe Dameron series is a standout among Marvel’s Star Wars line. Not only does it flesh out a character that we as an audience still have much to learn about, but it also introduces one of the best villains in recent memory in Agent Terex. With Poe as the protagonist, there is more than a fair share of sardonic wit, but where this series truly hits home is when it tackles more sobering moments within the Resistance.

One such moment is at the funeral of one of Poe’s Black Squadron wingmates, L’ulo. L’ulo had been one of the most seasoned pilots in Black Squadron—having fought alongside Leia as far back as the Battle of Endor—but his most prominent role was as a stand-in uncle for Poe. Fittingly, Poe’s speech reflects their relationship. It is not only infused with the wisdom of Master Yoda, but also reminds us of the plight of the common man within the larger galactic struggle.

8. Wedge Antilles, Hero of the Rebellion

The Storms of Crait #1
Writer: Ben Acker/Ben Blacker, Artist: Mike Mayhew

Everyone knows Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo, but the Rebellion was made of much more than them! How about Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, Biggs Darklighter, or…Wedge Antilles? Now we’re getting somewhere!

Wedge seemed like a nonchalant yet helpful wingman when he was introduced as part of Rogue Squadron in the Original Trilogy. Since the films, he’s gotten a little more of a backstory in other forms of Star Wars media like Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston’s X-Wing Legends series, Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars, and of course The Clone Wars animated television series. However, it wasn’t until the one-off comic The Storms of Crait when Wedge found himself outside of the cockpit—yet still fighting for his life—that we got to see him truly blossom into the bad to the bone rebel with a cause that was always lurking underneath.

I wonder if Ewan McGregor has any idea what his uncle’s character is up to these days…

7. SCAR Squadron

Star Wars #19
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

One thing that made the Clone Wars television series so refreshing was that it gave a name, a (somewhat unique) face, and a personality to the clone troopers we saw in the movies. Task Force 99, AKA Special Commando Advanced Recon (SCAR) Squadron, basically accomplishes the same thing for Stormtroopers in the Original Trilogy timeline.

Under direct orders of Darth Vader, Sergeant Kreel and his team consisting of Aero, Cav, Mic, Misty, Shrap, and Zuke participate in some of the most important missions the Empire has to offer. Each member contributes something special to the team whether it’s lightsaber-wielding, sniping, or explosives. Seeing this elite squad in action brings real meaning to Old Ben’s quote “only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.

While they make their first appearance in issue 19 of the Star Wars main comic, they pop up quite often, and it’s a delight every single time.

6. Wookiee vs. Wookiee

Star Wars #14
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr.

It’s hard to let the Wookiee win when there’s one on both sides. Before issue 14 of the Star Wars main series, we’d seen Wookiees pull the arms off of guards, dismantle Stormtroopers, and even play a round or two of Dejarik, but we had never seen them battle against each other.

That’s where Black Krrsantan comes in.

Basically, picture Chewie fighting evil Chewie. What ensues is a battle of the titans. What happens? I’ll let you read and find out.

But here’s a hint: a Wookiee does, in fact, win.

5. Lightsabers Galore!

Star Wars #12
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Stuart Immonen

Remember when Han used Luke’s lightsaber to open up the tauntaun on Hoth? Child’s play!

In issue 12 of the main Star Wars comic, not only does Han get to use another lightsaber, but he does so alongside Leia and Chewie (who is dual-wielding, no less!).

While this may first seem like fan fiction or fanboy musings, it’s absolutely, 100% canon. Mind you, this isn’t just fan service. Within the confines of the story, it makes total sense!

Besides, how else do you rescue Luke from Kongo the Disemboweler in Grakkus the Hutt’s fighting arena?

4. Aphra's Dupe

Darth Vader #25
Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Salvador Larroca

Without a doubt, Doctor Aphra is one of the best new characters that has been introduced to the Star Wars universe of late. She’s the dark female counterpart of Han Solo with a little less compassion and a little more iniquity. She’s known as a smuggler, a swindler, a trickster. Her skills—like those of Boba Fett—manage to catch the ever-watchful eye of Darth Vader, who begins using her as his own personal agent running missions throughout the galaxy.

While it was her ingenuity with organizing schemes (and sometimes sheer, blind luck) that got her the job, perhaps her greatest hoax of all was faking her own death to escape from under the thumb of Darth Vader.

3. . “All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men.”

Vader Down #1
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr.

If we’re being completely honest, Vader Down as a whole deserves a number on this countdown. It’s the epitome of what we hope for in a crossover: pure, unadulterated fun. This series in particular accomplishes that in the form of Vader’s carnage of an entire Rebel garrison that attempts to destroy him after he crash lands his shuttle on the planet Vrogas Vas. But, as is so often the case, Vader has other plans that can be described in no other way than absolute, overwhelming slaughter.

To add even more to it? It’s not even difficult.

Who would you take in a fight: Darth Vader or hundreds of well-armed, well-equipped Rebel soldiers with a fleet of ships at their disposal and the element of surprise on their side?

Yeah…us, too. And the crossover series Vader Down shows us exactly why.

2. The Return of Jocasta Nu

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith #7
Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Two words: Badass. Librarian.

Confused? Don’t be.

In the Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comic series, Vader is tasked by Palpatine to hunt down any surviving Jedi from Order 66. While we know of a few lower profile Jedi who managed to escape like Kanaan Jarrus, there were also others who we are quite familiar with such as the Keeper of the Holocrons herself, Jedi Master Jocasta Nu.

I know, I know. She’s the old, white-haired librarian who gets annoyed that Obi-Wan suggests her archives are incomplete. But if that’s your view of her character, you have much to learn, young Padawan.

Realizing that she is one of the last vestiges of profound knowledge of the old Jedi Order, Jocasta Nu operates in secret to create a new library for future generations of Jedi that she believes will inevitably emerge from the oppression of the Empire. In her efforts, she sneaks back onto Coruscant to retrieve a Holocron that contains a list of all the Force-sensitive children in the galaxy. When she arrives, not only does she find the Holocron, but also an old frequenter of her library, now turned Dark Lord of the Sith. Don’t you hate it when that happens?! The fight that ensues is epic, and I won’t rob you of the details.

But I will leave you with two more words: Lightsaber. Gun.

1. Vader's Revelation

Darth Vader #6
Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Salvador Larroca

Ever wonder when it was exactly that Vader realized that Luke was his son? Wonder no longer! Star Wars: Darth Vader brings us that answer, and it involves one other high-profile character that you might not expect…

After the destruction of the first Death Star, Vader finds himself consumed with who the pilot was who could have pulled off such an impossible shot. He sends none other than his top bounty hunter, Boba Fett, to find the answer. However, when Fett returns with the requested information after having a brief skirmish with Luke on Tatooine, Vader didn’t get the name he expected. He got his own.

Everything leading up to the final scene of this issue is executed brilliantly, and the scene itself is a standout. When Vader hears the name “Skywalker,” we’re treated to several snapshots of his past that all led him to the realization that the Emperor had lied to him. He had a living son.

Many franchises would shy away from depicting a major plot point like this in a comic, but Star Wars rightfully awards that honor to the comic that created the scenario in the first place. Creating such a bold story, as well as using the comic medium to execute it so well, is what lands this atop Youtini’s Top 10 best moments from the Star Wars comics…so far.

So, what now? That’s easy!

Go pick up an issue of a Star Wars comic, of course!

While these are the best and brightest moments in their respective series, getting to them is half the fun. If you’re looking for a dose of Star Wars and haven’t made it around to the comics just yet, I’d highly recommend taking a dive into the panels as soon as possible. From one Star Wars fan to another, you won’t regret it!

Looking for the right place to start? I’d suggest Star Wars Vol. 1, Poe Dameron Vol. 1, or Darth Vader Vol. 1!

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