5 Reasons Legends Books Are Still Crucial For Star Wars Fans

By: Meg Dowell


By the time most Star Wars books were re-classified as Legends, there were already hundreds of stories to devour. Now that Canon stories are an almost monthly gift from a galaxy far, far away, you might feel overwhelmed.

Should you keep reading Legends? Which ones should you pick up first? Why are all their stories still so important in the Star Wars galaxy?

Don’t forget about these mesmerizing, worthwhile adventures! Here are the reasons you should keep both Canon and Legends books on your Star Wars to-read list.

1. Learn More About Your Favorite Characters

There’s a lot of backstory tucked into these books that the movies and TV shows just didn’t have time to roll out. For example--why did Bail Organa really agree to adopt Leia? Revenge of the Sith gives us almost no no context.

But the Clone Wars books give us an in-depth look at Bail and Padme’s professional and personal relationship. It all makes sense once you read that series.

And it definitely makes the destruction of Alderaan even more heartbreaking.

2. See What Everyone Was Up to Between Movies

A lot happens offscreen in the Star Wars universe. And while it’s fun to play guessing games, it’s even more fun to find answers to your questions through the books that come between the movies.

Clearly Han and Leia’s relationship developed significantly between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back -- and without books like those in the Empire and Rebellion series, you’d never know the epic ordeals those two had to survive to not only save the Rebellion, but learn to trust each other with their lives.

3. Explore the Star Wars Universe in Ways You Can’t Anywhere Else

One of the best parts about Star Wars is the seemingly endless array of planets, characters, and cultures featured in its many stories. Chances are, if there’s something from the universe you want to know more about, someone has already written a book that goes into more detail.

There’s also a lot of significant Star Wars lore in Legends books you have to read in order to truly appreciate.

John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi, for example, not only tells one side of a story from a Tusken Raider’s point of view, but also gives deeper insight into why they seem to have something against innocent humans...like Shmi Skywalker.

4. Enjoy Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Even More

If you love Star Wars, there’s at least one trilogy or TV series you can’t wait to expose to your future kids (if you haven’t had that priceless opportunity yet). Legends books offer so much beyond your favorite stories from a galaxy far, far away -- you don’t want to miss out!

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like for the elite clone soldiers in the aftermath of Order 66? There’s an entire book series about them, Karen Traviss’s Republic Commando. Now that’s a story worth checking out.

5. Imagine an Alternate Post-Return of the Jedi Universe

Before there was a third movie trilogy, all we knew about our favorite galactic trio’s lives after Return of the Jedi, we learned from Legends books. Even though there are new stories being told, these books introduced us to a wild, unpredictable galaxy we’d never seen before.

Looking at The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, the Legends books now showcase an alternate universe in which Luke marries a former Empire assassin, and Han and Leia secretly adopt their Sith Lord son’s daughter to raise her as their own.

What could go wrong?

Here at Youtini, every Star Wars book counts.

While not technically Canon, Legends books further enrich the saga we all know and love -- and there are dozens of books to choose from. Don’t miss out on the stories that will continue to inspire a new generation of storytellers for decades to come.

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