is how people get Star Wars books

We're a company that cares more about Star Wars and the reading experience than anything else on the planet. Reading Star Wars books has made us who we are.

Our Company Story

Flash back to 2017. Corey and Caitlin are three years into grad school and Star Wars books are flying off the shelves. They realized that it was impossible to stay on top of the book release schedule as a busy working adult. Thus, Youtini was born.

A small company, but one committed to bringing a unique Star Wars reading experience to the doorsteps of Star Wars fans around the globe, Youtini has changed the way you read Star Wars books. Youtini launched on December 22, a week after The Last Jedi and two days after founders Corey and Caitlin had seen it for the third time. Since then, we have grown exponentially by working with huge names such as Rebel Force Radio, Coffee With Kenobi, and Jedi Temple Archives.

Youtini was founded in order to pass on this love of Star Wars to other fans like me. I remember being the kid with no clue how to even begin and what it was like to realize how unbelievably massive the Star Wars Expanded Universe truly is.

To us, Star Wars is far more than a group of popular films. Picking up yet another book and walking along the pages through the halls of the Jedi Temple brings me the same peace that I had as a kid when I saw Star Wars for the first time. This rich universe is much like the Force - it binds us, and penetrates us, and connects us all.

Now, it's easier than ever - have your galaxy delivered.

Our Team

Corey & Caitlin Helton

& their little Jedi Rey

Roman Martin