6 Stories For Clone Wars Fans! #CloneWarsSaved

By: Meg Dowell


Since it was cancelled, Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans have been hoping the series and its characters would resurface somehow. We got a little bit of Ahsoka, Rex, and other characters in Rebels, but nothing quite like what we’d seen before during our first entry into the Filoniverse.

But now that the series is coming back (!), you probably can’t stop thinking about (and rewatching) your favorite episodes.

It’s going to be awhile before new episodes of the show wreck our emotions all over again, but in the meantime, there’s plenty of reading material to keep you occupied -- some Legends, some Canon, and all set during the seemingly endless battles between the Republic and the Separatist armies.

Here are the books and comics you will not want to miss out on.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (novelizations) by: Karen Traviss

It all started with a film -- the first full-length animated movie set in a galaxy far, far away. It’s here we first met Ahsoka Tano, encountered a new version of Anakin Skywalker for the first time, and realized we really did need six seasons of a show to fill in the many gaps between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Karen Traviss’s book joins the many other novel adaptations that have followed the release of Star Wars films. There’s always something extra hidden in these versions of the stories we first see on-screen, so if you’re always on the lookout for those, you’ll want to pick up a copy of this.

You’ll especially love this one if you’re a fan of film novelizations, since this one sticks close to the original screenplay. It’s another way to experience the beginning of everything that has come out of The Clone Wars era since the prequels -- and a chance to add a new hardcover to your collection while you’re waiting for a new canon release.

The Clone Wars: Wild Space & Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit series by Karen Miller
The Clone Wars: No Prisoners by Karen Traviss

The stories told in the rest of The Clone Wars Legends novels add a lot to the era, even if you haven’t watched the series before reading them.

All three of these books take place during actual episodes of the show, and even feature scenes we saw on-screen -- told from a different point of view.

One thing these books do well is further develop key characters that become more important not only in the TV series, but later in the Star Wars saga as well. Reading these books, we have a much better understanding of Bail Organa’s relationship with Padme, for example. This further expansion of their relationship helps guide Bail towards the adoption of a certain future Rebellion hero at the end of this horrible conflict.

Republic Commando (series) by Karen Traviss

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the first time we saw clones truly “humanized” on-screen. In the last two movies of the prequel trilogy, we saw them more as copies of the same being without individuality. The series changed that -- and so did this book series based on a video game.

The books follow the clone troopers that make up the elite squads of the Republic army and tells the story of the war from the point of view of clones such as Niner, Scorch, and Fixer -- right up to Order 66 and its aftermath.

If your favorite Clone Wars episodes are the ones that featured clones as main characters, you’ll absolutely love this series.

Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

A year after The Empire comes to power, Ahsoka Tano reflects on the aftermath of Order 66 and her new life as a “refugee” of the war.

This is the book that tells the story of how Ahsoka went from ex-Jedi apprentice to rebel informant, as seen in Star Wars Rebels. But Clone Wars fans will appreciate getting to spend more time with Ahsoka and seeing her come to terms with her new identity after the events of the show.

The book also features flashbacks to the end of the Clone Wars and features events on Mandalore we haven’t actually seen play out yet. There’s a possibility that the seventh season of the series will either show us these events on-screen or give them better context, but until then, Ahsoka holds all the Mandalorian adventures we could ask for.

Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

One of the largest strengths of The Clone Wars was its ability to give viewers completely new perspectives on the war by featuring old and new characters on the “wrong” side of the conflict. Asajj Ventress is just one of many dark-siders we meet, but somehow, you can’t help feeling sorry for her in the end.

Before the show’s 2013 cancellation, many story arcs were written but never produced. Many of those would-have-been episodes were turned into a canon novel, Dark Disciple, featuring Ventress and Jedi Master Quinlan Vos as main characters.

This book expaneds Asajj Ventriss’s story, pulling readers deep into her thoughts and feelings as she reflects on her past and tries to establish a better future. If you’re a fan of forbidden romances -- especially those set in the Star Wars universe -- this novel is definitely for you.

Yoda: Dark Rendezvous by Sean Stewart

Love those final episodes of The Lost Missions, when we get to see Yoda take a turn at being a student for a change? This is another chance to get more Yoda action without having to rewatch the entire Clone Wars series … again … you probably will anyway, but you should read this, too.

Before the show’s official release, novels such as Dark Rendezvous attempted to give readers more information regarding events that would have taken place before the final episode of the prequel trilogy.

This book features well-known characters such as Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress (who appeared in Cartoon Network’s original Star Wars: Clone Wars 25-episode series). Yoda comes face-to-face with his former padawan again, and must fight against not only Dooku, but the temptation of the dark side as well.

BONUS: Dark Horse Comics

Many of the Dark Horse comics that tie into The Clone Wars era are now considered Legends. But they’re still stories worth exploring, especially if you enjoy learning more about your favorite characters from this time period.

  • Republic (issues 49-83)

  • Obsession

  • Jedi

  • Star Wars: Purge

  • Jango Fett: Open Seasons

  • Clone Wars Adventures

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (canon)

Before you rewatch the series, and while you wait for new episodes to hit Disney’s on-demand streaming service, consider checking out at least a few of these must-reads. There’s so much material, it might start to feel like stories set in this era will never end.

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