o you want to get in on The High Republic hype, but don’t know where to start? This particular era of Star Wars storytelling has been rapidly growing since its debut at the start of 2021. It’s only natural to feel a little overwhelmed. 

Our simple guide will help you get started on your exciting journey through this incredible High Republic timeline.

1. Light of the Jedi

This masterpiece by Charles Soule is an excellent introduction to this golden era of Star Wars known as the High Republic. This recently-revealed timeline made its first impression with Light of the Jedi and it started with a literal bang. 

From the first page you’re placed right in the middle of one of the most impactful events in history, and you’ll meet some of the biggest names in this singular novel.

2. The Great Jedi Rescue

This children’s book by Cavan Scott is a fun retelling of the events of Light of the Jedi shown from a different perspective. Burryaga and his master Nib Assek make a prominent appearance along with other High Republic heroes like Avar, Loden, Bell, Te’Ami, and Mikkel. 

The Great Jedi Rescue is a great way for young readers to enjoy the introductory story of this era while getting to know these significant characters.

3. A Test of Courage

The aftershock of the Great Hyperspace Disaster continues to affect the citizens of the Republic as we see in a new group of young, courageous individuals. 

A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland shines the spotlight on more significant characters in the High Republic like Vernestra Rwoh and Imri Cantaros who will pave their way to future stories.

4. The High Republic (comic series)

This ongoing mainline comic series by Cavan Scott gives readers a brand-new line of stories set in the High Republic era. The first issue of The High Republic introduces Jedi Padawan Keeve Trennis who faces her trial to become a fully-fledged Jedi Knight. 

Throughout this series, you’ll face many challenges and decisions alongside Keeve while witnessing action-packed appearances from Master Sskeer and Avar Kriss.

5. Into the Dark

The Nihil have been making their presence known by wreaking havoc across the galaxy ever since the Great Hyperspace Disaster. Now, a new threat has been awakened. 

As if things weren’t hard enough for the Jedi Order, Into the Dark by Claudia Gray introduces a new enemy called the Drengir who utilize the power of plant life to sow the seeds of destruction.

6. The High Republic Adventures (comic series)

If you were looking for younger Yoda in the High Republic timeline, you’ll find him in The High Republic Adventures by Daniel José Older. This line of comics features many new padawans, all of them monitored and guided by the great Jedi Yoda. 

As you would expect, the younglings under his care are ready to face anything that comes their way.

7. The Monster of Temple Peak

The events of this comic miniseries by Cavan Scott happen right before The Rising Storm. The Monster of Temple Peak introduces Ty Yorrick who left the path of the Jedi to take on a profession of hunting down monsters. 

Although no longer a Jedi, Ty still calls on the Force for guidance and the teachings that she had learned from the temple.

8. The Rising Storm

The Nihil are back, and they’re dead serious this time. Marchion Ro has a goal and he’s doing everything in his power, no matter how ruthless, to get the job done. 

The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott not only amplifies the Nihil threat tenfold, but it also introduces the next iconic, unforgettable event in High Republic history known as the Republic Fair. Meanwhile, Bell Zettifar still hasn’t given up hope on finding his old master.

9. Showdown at the Fair

George Mann is the king of Star Wars children’s books and the title still holds true with Showdown at the Fair

As with The Great Jedi Rescue, this story is a summary of its adult novel counterpart but spins it in a way for young readers to comprehend and enjoy. We once again follow Burryaga as he valiantly performs his duty as a Jedi during the events of the Republic Fair as debuted in The Rising Storm.

10. Race to Crashpoint Tower

Taking place alongside The Rising Storm, Race to Crashpoint Tower by Daniel José Older puts the spotlight on Jedi Padawan Ram Jomaram and his point of view during the events of the Republic Fair. 

Zeen and Lula, who made their debut in The High Republic Adventures, also do their part as other Jedi around the galaxy fend off both Nihil and Drengir forces.

11. Trail of Shadows

Taking place after the tragedy of The Rising Storm, Trail of Shadows by Daniel José Older picks up the storyline with Jedi Investigator Emerick Caphtor. 

Emerick is determined to learn more about the Nihil’s secret weapon and potential threat to the entirety of the Jedi Order.

12. Out of the Shadows

In Out of the Shadows by Justina Ireland, Vernestra Rwoh and Reath Silas are back to assist all-new characters in resolving some political conflict. 

This novel expands on the Jedi duo’s character development as master and apprentice, which is a difficult concept to grasp considering how close they are in age.

13. Tempest Runner

This audio drama by Cavan Scott follows Lourna Dee, one of the most deadly and cunning leaders of the Nihil. 

Tempest Runner is an excellent display of Lourna’s capabilities and proves just how much of a threat she is to the Jedi and even to her own kind. If you dedicate just a few hours to listening to this amazing tale, you’ll be rewarded with a deeper appreciation for Lourna and a yearning for more of her story.

14. The Edge of Balance Vol. 1

The High Republic has been welcoming nearly every format imaginable from traditional novels to audio dramas and comics. 

The Edge of Balance Vol. 1 brings Japanese-style manga into the mix and even welcomes an all-new Jedi named Lily Tora-Asi and she’s accompanied by new Jedi friends.

For a complete list of recent and upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic book and comic releases, visit our regularly updated Release Schedule.

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