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BB-8 and the Snow Monster

Caitlin Kennedy
Feb 6, 2099
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In the
Rise of the First Order

Publisher's Summary

This book has been cancelled and will be removed from the release schedule page in the near future

BB-8 and the Snow Monster is a young readers' and third book in the Droid Tales series by Caitlin Kennedy, and will feature BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2 C-3PO is none to happy when the Resistance must return to the old Rebel base on Hoth, but R2-D2 is nostalgic from their old adventures there and BB-8 is just excited to play in the snow. However, when the little round droid encounters an angry wampa, he'll have to use all of his programming to trick his way out from under the snow beast!

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