February 2018

Please note that anything here is subject to change based on availability, price, release schedule delays, and other anomalies of the Force. 

February is often similar to January in that there is generally not a new Canon novel released this month.

This means that this is likely a month that will include additional content according to the following rules:

  • You will always receive books you do not own according to your collection in the Youtini Bookshelf.
  • New Star Wars material is released almost every month. However, we cannot control the release schedule. On any month, a new Canon Novel is not released, we will send you other excellent material you do not already own - ideally recently released material. That could be graphic novels, additional Legends material, reference books, or anything else recently released or not owned by you according to your Youtini Bookshelf.
  • You are always free to skip any month by visiting your account settings.